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About Happy Space

Prevention is better than cure and

Happy Space protects the minds of tomorrow. 



Happy Space is a wellbeing organisation working to prevent mental health difficulties through protecting, inspiring and empowering young people nationwide. 


We want to prevent mental health problems from arising wherever possible through providing the resources that schools need to give outstanding wellbeing education. We envisage a time where mental health stigma doesn't exist and where every young person has the toolkit they need to help look after their mental health in the transition to adulthood and beyond.



We believe that Mind, Food, Body, Finance and the Arts are the five pillars of mental wellbeing. Those pillars form the framework for the beautiful guidebooks and accompanying Lesson Activities we deliver to schools nationwide. Our resources combine expert content from thought leaders, engaging design and interactive activities. We support students at key transitional stages, starting school, moving from infants to juniors, starting secondary school and leaving school.



Equipping every child in the UK with mental health and wellbeing knowledge could turn the tide on the ongoing mental health crisis and improve the nation's mental health for generations to come.  Happy Space wants to protect the minds of tomorrow, today. 


Our Impact

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In 2021, our resources reached over 17,000 students


In a survey of over 100 schools that received Happy Space’s guidebooks: 


Teachers rated them 9/10 for usefulness. 


Students’ understanding of the link between exercise and mental wellbeing increased by 50%. 


Students’ understanding of the link between food and mental wellbeing increased by 80%. 


Students’ understanding of the link between finance and mental wellbeing increased by 94%. 


Our Advisors

We’re advised by academics, thought leaders in the wellbeing space, school and university age students and wellbeing entrepreneurs. We are always striving to learn from a diverse range of experts.


Esther Marshall

Founder of Sophie Says

ally jaffy.jpeg

Dr Ally Jaffee

Founder of Nutri-tank

sophie scott.jpeg

Sophie Scott

Founder of BALANCE

aisha adams_edited.jpg

Aisha Adams

Outreach worker at Inside Success 


Co-founder of AimHi Earth

Sarah Humphrys


Professor Paul Crawford

Professor of Health Humanities at the University of Nottingham, UK

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Jolly Layard Horsfall

CEO of TotemFi, CFO of Zebu Digital


Got Questions?

  • Are these resources for me or my students?
    If you are in any way responsible for the education or care of young people 3-5, 6-8, 10-12, 16+ and for both you and your students
  • Can I purchase a single guidebook?
    Absolutely, click here.
  • Will Happy Space give a talk at my school / workplace / university?
    We jump at the opportunity to give talks and provide workshops, whether that’s directly to students or to parents at parent and/or family-friendly work events. we ask you to cover our travel costs and support our work - please contact us to discuss your request.
  • How much do your resources cost?
    A full price guidebook is £9.99 if you're ordering a one off book. For schools we charge £6.99 per book for 30 books and for orders over 100 books £5.99 per book. All orders of at least 30 books include a FREE full set of accompanying lesson activities.
  • Is there a way I can help?
    Totally - we are always open to new volunteers and collaborations. Also, if you have ideas, feedback, or skills you want to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch!
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