What we do;

Our Toolkit

The current mental health crisis is the result of a lack of accessible, effective solutions. Happy Space is changing that. 


From its research, Happy Space has found that certain aspects of everyday living could prove crucial to the prevention of mental wellbeing issues. Those aspects fall into the categories of: Mind, Food, Body, Finance and the Arts. We think these are the five pillars of mental wellbeing. The five pillars form the framework for all of our resources. 



Interactive guidebooks, equipping young people with the toolkit they need to look after their mental wellbeing

Think beautifully designed, engaging guidebooks, full of activities, tips and tools contributed by wellbeing experts. Click the button below to view examples of our books and express interest.

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Interested in our resources? Teachers, Caregivers, Schools and Uni’s


in person or virtual workshops with your students as an introduction to the content and format of the guidebooks, inspiring curiosity and openness around mental wellbeing 

Happy Space prides itself on giving good, simple and important advice on how to look after your wellbeing and we LOVE doing this in person wherever possible. 


Lesson Plans

a seven week lesson plan with accompanying teaching guide and worksheets, providing teachers with the resources they need to provide high quality preventative mental wellbeing education

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Over half of all mental health issues are developed by age 14, and evidence shows that the most effective way to reach young people is whilst they are at school. So, we think it’s a no-brainer that children should be learning about preventative mental health care in the classroom.

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Got Questions?

Are these resources for me / my kids / my students?

If you are in any way responsible for the education of young people aged between 6 and 20, then, put simply, yes!

Can I purchase a tester guidebook?

Absolutely, click here.

Can we order specially tailored guidebooks?

YES - we love collaborating on this kind of project. We supply various schools, including Thomas’s Clapham and James Allen’s Girls’ School with specially tailored guidebooks to suit the needs of their students. We also team up with other service providers, like First Steps ED, to produce guidebooks for conferences and other events. These types of guidebooks take up extra time and resource, so we usually charge for them. We use the income to support our activities and distribute guidebooks for free to those unable to afford them. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more.

Will Happy Space give a talk at my school / workplace / university?

We jump at the opportunity to give talks and provide workshops, whether that’s directly to students or to parents at parent and/or family-friendly work events.

Is there an online alternative to the physical guidebooks?

We have delivered online guidebooks in the past. If you’re interested in receiving one or more of these, get in touch!

How much do your resources cost?

Each guidebook costs about £5.50 just to print. We always take into consideration a person’s or institutions ability to pay. Often, we’re grant funded to distribute our resources free of charge. At other times, we charge schools (usually fee-paying schools) for our resources, in order that we can distribute them for free to those unable to pay for them.

Is there a way I can help?

Totally - we are always open to new volunteers and collaborations. Also, if you have ideas, feedback, or skills you want to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch!