We understand that it is a tricky time for students and their parents at home. Happy Space would like to help!

If you’re interested in receiving a FREE Wellbeing Guidebook, filled with wellbeing tools and tips aimed at 10-12 year olds, then please email us at info@happyspace.org.uk with your address and we will do our best to get a copy of our #HappySpaceGuidebook into your hands. 


Happy Space UK is a preventative mental wellbeing charity. We aim to provide students with a wellbeing toolkit in order to help protect the minds of a future generation. Happy Space UK seeks to achieve this predominantly by delivering Guidebooks to students in transitional stages, including year 6 and sixth form. Happy Space UK also provides talks for students, partners with other mental health service providers, hosts events and carries out in-house research. 


Happy Space UK has undertaken research, including interviewing mental health professionals, academics and university wellbeing services across the UK. We learned that there are some aspects of everyday living that can prove crucial to the prevention of student mental health issues. These aspects seemed to repeatedly fall into the categories of “food”, “finance”, “mind”, “body” and “art”. We use these five key "pillars of wellbeing" as the framework for our student Guidebooks.

Currently, Happy Space UK is developing a 7-week lesson plan and accompanying video content to go alongside our Guidebooks for primary school students. 

James Allen's Girls' School

Farnham College Talks

Thomas's School 


Frensham Heights SCHOOL

What People Say

“Happy Space is inspirational because they are young people seeking to help their peers...


...They are giving good, simple but important advice on how to stay happy and how to care for yourself.”

Andrew Fisher - Headmaster of Frensham Heights School

“We were delighted by Happy Space’s approach to helping students through the transition from school to university. Their engaging and informative book – to be placed on a student’s university bookshelf – it was complemented by a clear, direct workshop which gave students (and staff) food for thought.


The pastoral, health and financial advice delivered was gratefully received by our outgoing Year 13 students. They are now equipped with some tools and suggestions to ease themselves into university life. Thank you Happy Space team!"

Matthew Weeks- Head of Sixth Form - James Allen's Girl School 

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Happy Space UK Charity- Charity Number: 1183549 - info@happyspace.org.uk

Happy Space is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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