Happy Space Charity- Charity Number: 1183549 - info@happyspace.org.uk 

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"Let's Start an Epidemic of Happiness"

Happy Space is a preventative mental wellbeing charity helping university students ask and answer the question, "Why don't I feel ok"? We provide engaging content, foster partnerships and host events to enable students to reach their own Happy Space.

It seems to us that mental wellbeing support in the transitional phase between sixth form and University is...somewhat lacking. The result?

Many students dive headfirst into University life, ready for “the time of their lives”, and yet as many as 25% of them will use, or will be waiting to use counselling services at any one time (according to the Institute for Public Policy Research’s 2017 study).

We think this is a pretty big deal.

We understand that when it comes to mental wellbeing challenges, the instinct can be not to talk about what’s on your mind. But Happy Space advocates open discussion, encouraging students to consider what it might have been that caused the low mood, and how those circumstances might be better managed in the future.